Flora and Fauna


During 2011 and 2012 I have recorded the plant and animal species that I have observed on Eight Mile Point. I have also included some reasonable sightings by others. Attached are a number of species lists which I hope will assist everyone in enjoying the local natural world. The lists, however, are by no means complete. Many of you will see the lists and say to your selves that you have seen species that have not been listed. I would agree, for example, birds such as the Ruffed Grouse and Wood Duck were often seen in the centre lot in the past but no longer seem to inhabit the Point. As ecosystem succession occurs, the flora and fauna present will change over time. Other factors such as increased human activity and the establishment of alien invasive species such as European Buckthorn, a species recently established on the Point can also change the plants and wildlife that will be found, favouring some species and not others. Change is constant.

The lists will only remain valid for 5-10 years and will need to be completely updated to remain current. In the interim, if anyone sees any species that is not on the list please send me an e-mail at robin.craig@bell.net with a photo if possible to confirm and I will include it on future updates. If anyone wants help identifying a species please contact me.

I will update the lists annually to include any new observations of which I am sure there will be many.

The generally accepted common and scientific names of all plant and animal species are used throughout the following tables. All vegetation naming is from Flora Ontario (Newmaster, S.G. and S. Ragupathy 2012). Avian naming is from the 2011 American Ornithological Union (AOU)

CHECK-LIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS, 7TH EDITION AND ITS SUPPLEMENTS (52nd). Mammal naming is from Dobbyn, “Atlas of the Mammals of Ontario” (1994). Herpetofaunal naming is from Oldham, M.J. and W.F. Weller, (2000) “Ontario Herpetofaunal Atlas”. Dragonfly naming is from the Ontario Odonata Atlas, (2005). Butterfly naming is from in the NHIC species lists.

To assist you with learning more about the plants and animals of the Point I have attached a reference list of some of the guides I use and trust. These publications are available at the public library, on line, and at good book stores such as the Nature Store in Orillia.


The plant kingdom is diverse and the species are numerous. There is no one field guide that will meet all your needs. The following are some that you might consider.

“A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America” by R. T. Peterson and M. McKenny.

“A Guide to the Ferns of Grey and Bruce Counties, Ontario” by The Bruce-Grey Plant Committee, 2002.

I hope you enjoy.

Robin Craig


Our PDF document contains all of the information you’ll need for Flora and Fauna.  Here is a summary of the information available in the document:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs and Vines
  • Other Vascular Plants
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Amphibians
  • Butterflies
  • Damselflies and Dragonflies

DOWNLOAD PDF: Eight Mile Point Flora, Fauna and Invasive Plants