Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome to Membership and Call to Order EMPCA President, Brian Sirbovan (MAS 237) acted as the Chair of the meeting and called the meeting to order.

2. Confirmation of Quorum The Secretary, Kathy Salmond, confirmed that attendance did consist of a quorumfor voting purposes.

3. Introduction of Board of Directors/ Executive Team and Committee Chairpersons
Brian introduced the current Board of Directors/Executive Team members:
Dean Blain, Vice Present MAS# 073;
Ray Trenholm, Treasurer MAS# 017;
Kathy Salmond, Secretary MAS# 229;
And thanked them for their hard work and support over the past year.
Committee chairs for 2017 were also introduced:
Picnic – Jim Gardner and Tom Pryce;
Corn Roast – Sue Trenholm and Nicole Venne;
Racquet Sports – Jennifer Sutton;
Golf – Steve Sutton and Dean Blain;
Roads & Conservation – Robin Craig;
Website – Mia Parent
Brian thanked the Committee Chair persons for their great work and leadership of
the committees and events over the past year.

4. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes
Moved By: Jon Woolverton #199
Seconded By: Eva Pellatt #253
THAT the EMPCA members have received, reviewed and approved the Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Eight Mile Point Cottagers’ Association as presented in the information package.

5. Changes to Membership
a. New Members;
MAS# 23 Michael Wise;
MAS# 61 Gerald & Marie-Helen Weiss;
MAS# 103 Judy and Jeff Mandel;
MAS# 151 Sarah and Larry Krauss (daughter of Joe & Helen Casse).
b. Deceased Members;
With sadness we report one deceased member, Jim Weekes MAS# 241 who was
a long-standing member of our community

6. Report by the Executive Team (President’s Report)
Brian Sirbovan presented the President’s Report. (copy attached).

7. Treasurer’s Report & adoption of the Financial Statements for the prior year and Budget
for the current year.
Ray Trenholm presented the Treasurer’s Report including Financial Statement of Operations and the 2018 Budget (copies of which are attached to these Minutes).
Moved By: Bill Gardner #193
Seconded By: Cheryl Rosen #09
That the EMPCA members accept the Treasurer’s Report and 2018
Statement of Operations as presented in the information package.
Moved By: Richard Rusek #249
Seconded By: Jennifer Sutton #071
That the EMPCA members accept the 2018 Budget for operations as
presented in the information package.

8. Reports on Activities (Committee Chair persons)

The following Committee Chair persons presented their reports. (copy attached to
these Minutes).
Picnic – Jim Gardiner
Corn Roast – Sue Trenholm
Racquet Sports – Jennifer Sutton
Golf – Steve Sutton
Roads and Conservation – Robin Craig
Website – Mia Parent

9. Election of New Directors
No elections were required as current slate of Directors terms are continuing to
June 2019.

10. Guest Speakers
Harry Hughes. Mayor of the Township of Oro-Medonte and Scott Jermey – Councilor, Ward 5 Township of Oro-Medonte attended the meeting, provided comments regarding activities and initiatives currently underway in Oro-Medonte and answered questions arising.
These included;
• Septic Maintenance program is being expanded.
• Oro-Medonte is undergoing their Official Plan and Zoning By-law review.  Section 26 of the Planning Act requires municipalities to review existing Official Plans every five years to ensure that they conform to, and do not conflict with, provincial plans and upper-tier municipal policies. For more information go to
• Road repaving this year – 15/16 Side Road between Line 14 & Line 13.
• Road repaving next year – 15/16 Side Road Line 13 to Line 11, this is due to
budget constraints.
• Proposed Simcoe Regional Airport Expansion – Runway and terminal expansion is under consideration (approx. $66M). O-M is a shareholder in the
Airport, but thinking of selling their share of the airport as O-M may not be able to support their share of the capital cost of the proposed airport expansion. Airport expansion will bring addition jobs to O-M along with larger jet aircraft. O-M is reviewing the business case and impact on O-M.
• Fall Municipal Elections – On Line Voting is now in place.
• Burls Creek Festival is still operating under a temporary permit. There will be a 2 day event with sound monitors in place at various locations to record noise levels.
• Oro-Medonte typically auctions surplus items and equipment. Go to .
For example, the government dock at Carthew Bay will be replaced and the existing dock sold at auction.

11. Business Arising (Members Forum)
The following items or issues were raised and discussed at the meeting:
• Bob Graham – Jet noise from proposed airport expansion and how it will affect 8 Mile Pt.
• Jerome Horowitz – Internet. Jerome gave out a contact # (1-866-317-3382) to call Bell Canada direct for complaints about Bell service. Registering complaints may spur Bell to replace outdated copper lines with new fibre optic lines to allow better telephone, internet and TV service. An ongoing discussion ensued for better internet service. Potential suppliers include and A survey of EMPCA members to follow.
• Tennis Court gates have been found left open and unlocked. Code will be updated.
• Air B&B’s are popping up. Clients/renters are not entitled to access to EMPCA facilities. Facilities are for members and supervised guests use only.
• Mrs. Rusek – re: Road Traffic, suggested we have signs posted to “Slow Down”. People are driving over 40mph and not slowing before road curves.
Members may post their own signs as they see fit.
• Robin Craig – Lake Water Quality, green moss, phosphate, Zebra Mussels, Holland Marsh contaminations. Robin Craig will continue to monitor environmental issues concerning EMPCA such as phosphate levels, Emerald Ash Borer damage on Centre Property & Mergansers,etc.

12. Meeting Adjournment
A motion was called to adjourn the meeting:
Moved By: Bill Gardner #193
Seconded By: Bob Graham #175
THAT the EMPCA members move to adjournment of the 2018 Annual General
Meeting of the Eight Mile Point Cottagers’ Association.


Eight Mile Point Cottagers’ Association
2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda
June 30, 2018, 10 am – 12 pm
Cottagers’ Lot/Tennis Court

1. Welcome to Membership
2. Confirmation of Quorum (Secretary to confirm)
3. Introduction of Board of Directors/ Executive Team and Committee
4. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes (Motion #1 Required)
5. Changes to Membership

6. Report by the Executive Team (President’s Report)

7. Treasurer’s Report & adoption of the Financial Statements for the prior
year and Budget for the current year. (Two Motions # 2 and #3 Required)
8. Reports on Activities (Committee Chair persons)
1. Picnic
2. Corn Roast
3. Racquet Sports
4. Golf
5. Roads & Conservation/Centre Property Maintenance
6. Website
9. Election of New Directors
Not required as current Directors terms are continuing to June 2019.
10.Guest Speaker
Scott Jermey – Councilor, Ward 5 Township of Oro-Medonte
11.Business Arising (Members Forum)
12.Meeting Adjournment (Motion #4 Required)

1. Recommended Motion
Moved By:
Seconded By:
THAT the EMPCA members have received, reviewed and approved the
Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Eight Mile Point
Cottagers’ Association as presented in the information package.
2. Recommended Motion
Moved By:
Seconded By:
That the EMPCA members accept the Treasurer’s Report and 2018
Statement of Operations as presented in the information package.
3. Recommended Motion
Moved By:
Seconded By:
That the EMPCA members accept the 2018 Budget for operations as
presented in the information package.
4. Recommended Motion
Moved By:
Seconded By:
THAT the EMPCA members move to adjournment of the 2018 Annual
General Meeting of the Eight Mile Point Cottagers’ Association.

June 15, 2018

2018 EMPCA President Report.

Prepared by: Brian Sirbovan, MAS# 237

I wish to start off my report by welcoming the following new members.

MAS# 23 Michael Wise;

MAS# 61 Gerald & Marie-Helen Weiss;

MAS# 103 Judy and Jeff Mandel;

MAS# 151 Sarah and Larry Krauss (daughter of Joe & Helen Casse).

With sadness we report one deceased member, Jim Weekes MAS# 241 who was a long-standing member of our community. 

I would like to thank the members of the Executive Team for their great work and support over the past year.

  • Dean Blain, Vice President and invaluable on issues relating to insurance and legal matters.
  • Ray Trenholm, Treasurer and all things financial, including collections, accounts payable and budget control.
  • Susan Sheridan and Kathy Salmond, Secretary (each for part of the year.)

In addition, I would like to acknowledge the involvement of Mia Parent who has been assisting to keep our website up to date and relevant. 

It has been my pleasure to work with this outstanding team over the past 12 months.

During the past year we were able to maintain our traditional community activities. I would like to recognize and thank the following individuals for their leadership of these events or activities:

                Picnic – Jim Gardner and Tom Pryce

                Corn Roast – Sue Trenholm and Nicole Venne

                T-shirt sales – Vija Sirbovan

                Golf Tournament – Steve Sutton and Dean Bain

                Weekly Pickleball clinics – Jennifer Sutton, Ray and Sue Trenholm

2018 Spring Clean-up – Robin Craig 

                2018 Guided Bird Walk- Robin Craig

Execution of these events would not be possible with out the many volunteers.  

Thank you to all who volunteered and/or participated.  We need more of you to step-up as  volunteers to ensure the sustainability of our event and activities. 

You will note from the Treasurer’s Report and the Statement of Operations that we are in a sound fiscal position.  Thank you Ray for your tireless work and diligence in this regard. 

One of the portfolios that continues to grow is our standing committee for Roads and Conservation, chaired by Robin Craig.  Robin is both the chair and a hands-on implementer. Thank you Robin for your dedication and diligence in the area. 

For 2018, Bob Richard has agreed to step in to co-chair the Roads and Conservation.  Bob can often be seen walking the roads/trails looking for invasive plants and clearing blocked trails, etc. Thank you Bob for stepping up.  Suffice it to say, more volunteers are always appreciated in this area. 

EMPCA is a “not for profit” corporation formed in 2006 and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by membership and governed by a set of By-Laws.  The prime objective of the corporation is to hold and manage the assets of the corporation. The prime assets are the centre property and the tennis court property. The centre property was originally purchased in 1954 and is known as the “McLean Reserve”.  At the time of the purchase, the reserve was intended as a buffer against unwanted development and as a natural area for the common enjoyment and benefit of all members, a by product of which is also enhanced property values by all owners.

The centre property is designated by the municipality as a “managed forest” which provides our corporation with substantial relief on property taxes of approximately 75% (i.e. we only pay 25% of the assessed property taxes).  It is made up of three distinct areas; mixed uplands hardwood, meadowlands and wooded wetlands swamp, each with its own natural habitat.

A separate recent survey was carried out in August of 2017, at no cost to us, by researchers from the University of Toronto under the Lake Simcoe Natural Vegetation Monitoring Program. Crews sampled 420 individual plots and provided us with a tree report and inventory of the tree species. 

To maintain the managed forest status requires the corporation to have a Managed Forest Plan in effect and to routinely carry out the committed activities of that plan, which includes controlling invasive plant species which threaten the existence of the forest over the long term.  Robin Craig can better speak to this.

Over the recent years, a new threat has emerged in southern Ontario. The Emerald Ash Borer beetle. This beetle attacks and kills the ash trees.  Approximately 40% of our forest is at risk.  There is no cure or treatment which is effective. Over time the ash trees will die off and need to be replaced with another suitable species. This will require the commitment of human and financial resources of this organization over time to manage this transition.

In closing, I would like to provide a special acknowledgement of the efforts of Ray and Sue Trenholm beyond the activities previously mentioned. The fact of the matter is, they are both involved in countless behind the scenes activities and are thus an integral part of the success of this community.  On behalf of the broader membership, thank you Ray and Sue!!


Treasurers Report July 1, 2018


First and most importantly I would like to comment on the timely manner in which you our members have paid your fees and to say Thankyou!!  Also, I would like to announce that you can now pay your Fees via E-transfer’s and for those of you who want to pay their 2018 Fees via e-transfer, I will send you the process.

In 2017 we had two properties who did not pay, Mrs. Belt #93 and #163 which is now owned by Ontario Inc #1827315 Aurora Ontario. (FORMERLY Evans

We finished 2017 off with a Cash Balance of $19,242.00 + Contingency Fund of $9,000.00 with no out of the ordinary expenditures. For 2017 we have a number of projects which I will outline but should end the year with approx. $18,000.00 + Contingency Fund of $12,000.00

You will notice some increases in our 2018 Budget compared to the 2017 Actual, this is due mainly to repairs that I have budgeted for such as repairs to the Tennis Court perimeter fencing and the center divider, we are tentatively looking into recladding the Cottagers Shed, and upgrading our Tennis court to enable two Pickle Ball Courts. Which as some of you remember we had green tape lines on one tennis court. Well with the assistance of our Master Painter Extraordinaire (Donnie Fines) we will be putting down permanent lines We will continue to upgrade and reword other signs on the Point (Doggy signs, Garbage etc. As well I am continuing to budget for ongoing maintenance for Garlic Mustard, damages caused by the Ash Borer and removal of trees where necessary DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS  and replace as needed .

As you are all aware our Taxes have increased over the years, but as Eight Milers it is a good time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have the Center Property (62 acres) designated as a “Managed Forest”. This designation entitles us to a %75 reduction on the Taxes for the Centre Property. As an example, from 2006 and up to and including 2017 we paid a total of $2370.00 (ONLY  25%) for 62 acres of Pristine property compared to $27,707.00 for ½ acre at the Cottagers Lot.

 Now, when you compare the two properties, because the Centre Property is designated “Managed Forest” we were able to avoid paying ANOTHER 75% OF Taxes AND those savings have been reflected in our yearly FEES which is one reason why we have not seen those increases in our Fees.


Ray Trenholm – Treasurer


         Eight Mile Point Cottagers Association        
    Statement of Operations      
                     For the period January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018        
  Actual Budget   Actual Budget
  Jan. 1, 2017 Jan 1, 2017   Jan. 1, 2016  
  to  Dec. 31, 2017 to  Dec. 31, 2017 Variance to  Dec 31, 2016 to  Dec. 31, 2018
     GROSS INCOME           
        Membership Dues 24,505 24,000 505 24,000 24,000
        Misc. – T shirts etc. 500 350 150 700 350
TOTAL GROSS INCOME 25,005 24,350 655 24,700 24,350
      Real Estate Taxes 3,015 2900 115 2,900 3000
      Insurance    3,100 3,200 100 3,200 3,500
      Postage, Photocopying & Gen. Admin. 2,240 1,100 1,140 900 1,500
Cottagers’ Lot           
      Tennis/Pickle Court Maintenance 995 2,000 -1,005 0 2,500
      Cottagers’ Lot Maint. 1,775 1,600 -175 1,100 1,800
Picnic / Corn Roast, Tennis Crt. Clinic,Golf 3,800 3,700 100 2,700 3,100
      Shirts 0 0 0 700 0
Centre Property           
      Trails & Meadows Maintenance 1,700 2,000 300 700 2,000
       Managed Forest Plan   Ctr. Property  375 4,000 -3,625 2,774 4,000
Legal 0 500   1,000 1,000
Misc. chgs. – Signs 200 700 -500 0 500
                    – Web 450 600 -150 550 1,000
Contingency Fund 3,000 3,000 0 6,000 3,000
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 17,635 25,300 -7,665 22,524 26,900
NET INCOME 7,370 -950   2,176 -2,550
Opening Balance 2017 19,240        
ENDING CASH 2017 26,610     19,240 24,060
Prepared by Ray Trenholm Jan. 1, 2018          
        Balance + Cont. 30,060


Eight Mile Point Cottagers’ Association

2018 Annual General Meeting

EMPCA Committee Chair Reports

Jim Gardner – Annual Picnic Report – 2017

2017 Picnic Chairpersons included Sue Trenholm, Tom Pryce, Jim Gardner.

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 was a miserable rainy day – so our Picnic was postponed until Sunday August 6th and it was a beautiful day for the Annual Picnic! The turnout was awesome, which meant food and drinks were in high demand.

Congratulations to the 2017 across the bay swim winners:

Axel Farber 27 min. 17sec

Alison Gordon 29 min 5 sec. 

Frozen T shirt winners:

Daniel Orlandi, Paul Zuppa

Candy Jar Guess:

Matthew Versluis

Pie Eating Champs

Paolo Zuppa and Daniel Orlandi

Balloon toss Champs  (tie)

Taylor Pryce and Marissa

Cole & Jake Gardner

Tug of war Champs


This day would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the many volunteers!  I would like to recognize the following volunteers for making the annual picnic such a fun and special day:

  • Organization of Volunteers, Ribbon pinning, porta-potty rentals, etc, etc: Sue and Ray Trenholm
  • Flyer and banner Creation: Jim Gardner – Bruzer Sportsgear
  • Flyer and Banner production: Tom Pryce -Middleton Group
  • Flyer Delivery: John Hunter, Jane McCulloch & Terri Cohen
  • Photographers: Jennifer Sutton, Mia Parent, Nicole Venne
  • Setup/Clean-up: Sue and Ray Trenholm, Tom Pryce, Jim Gardner, Brian, Vija and Steven Sirbovan, Jane and Bob Barlow, Steve and Jennifer Sutton, Horowitz x 3, Fenwick x 3, a McGee, Phyllis Thrush, Don & Sherry Fines, Robin Craig and many other friends and neighbours.
  • Tents and tarps provided by: Tom Pryce and family
  • BBQ Team: Steve Sutton, Don Fines, Robin Craig
  • Food Prep/Watermelon: Heather & Bruce Garbutt, Jane Barlow
  • Mustard/Ketchup donation: Lee Family
  • Across the Bay Swim: Bob Graham and Glenn Harding
  • Water events: (Canoe provided by) Glenn Harding. (coached by) Tom and Taylor Pryce
  • Running Races: Ray Trenholm, Bob Allison, Kate H, Jennifer Sutton, Susan Sheridan
  • Potato Sack Race: A McGee & Nicholas, Kevin G, Zinmans
  • Three-Legged Race: A McGee, Nicholas, Joel P, Phyllis Thrush, Sherri Fines
  • Piggy Back Race: Anne McGee, Nicholas, Kate H, Joel P, Alfons Konrad
  • Frozen T-Shirt Contest: John Raymond
  • Balloon Toss: Woolverton Family
  • Candy Counters: The Barnett Family
  • Guessing Table and ribbon allocation: Flo and Bill Gardner, Helen Casse, Anne McGee
  • Tee-Shirt management and Sales: Vija Sirbovan
  • Official Announcer: Jim Gardner
  • Food Delivery: Steve Sutton – Foodland – Max Foster
  • Sign Removal – Dean Blain, Kate Horowitz


A special thanks to Dave and Terry McPhee for cutting the grass and lot clean-up. 

And to Doug and Senti from the Carthew Bay Store for donating half of the most delicious Ice Cream cone prizes!!!

Kevin Grimoldby and Mandy Foster have generously agreed to become the Chairpersons for the 2018 Annual Picnic. 

It will be nice to see new volunteers come forward and join us in supporting Kevin, Mandy and our 8 Mile Point community in organizing and enjoying our traditioned event.  Thank you all for your support!


Sue Trenholm – Corn Roast

Great weather, great fun, great food and lots of help. Nicole Venne and I would like to thank the following for helping to make the event a great success:

Steve and Jennifer Sutton; Don and Sherry Fines; Bob Graham; Susan Sheridan ; Phyllis Thrush; Joel Parker; Bob Alison; Bob Richard; Brian and Vija Sirbovan; Izzy Moses ; Larry Venne ; Katelyn Venne-Shaw; Ray Trenholm

This year’s event, the 10th annual, will take place on Saturday August 25th (rain date 26th) at 5-8m at the Cottagers’ Lot and we will have corn on the cob, turkey on a bun, marshmallows, and any beverages left over from the Picnic. Your new coordinator is Nicole Venne and she will be looking for some assistance so please lend a hand.


Robin Craig – Roads and Conservation

  1. Spring cleanup went well. We had 8 – 10 people participate. After our best effort, only a few bags of garbage were picked up.  I heard later that some individuals didn’t wait for cleanup day and had been regularly picking up waste while on their walks.
  2. Trails – there is a network of trails to hike on through the woods and meadows on the Centre Property. I was advised after meeting that the woodland trails need an edge trim. We will have this completed by Dave McPhee.  Pathways have been cut through the meadows for ease of access.  The rest of the meadows will be cut in late July.  This technique allows the meadow plants to continue to provide important habitat for insects and birds during breeding season while retarding the establishment of trees and shrubs from the meadow edges.
  3. Garlic Mustard – Urban Forestry Associates Inc. (UFORA) treated Garlic Mustard and periwinkle this past spring. They missed a few spots that were cut and pulled by volunteers. About 100 kg were taken to the dump. Everyone can help control this invasive by cutting or pulling plants on their own properties but remember to dispose of the plants in the garbage to prevent seeds from developing. The EMPCA web site has excellent information regarding identification of Garlic Mustard.
  4. Poop and Scoop – most people are doing an excellent job but a few are leaving their little bags along trails and roadways. Please dispose of the bags in the garbage. New signs will be placed around the Point.
  5. Emerald Ash Borer – be aware, its here and going to become a major problem for everyone soon. There is some excellent information at This site could be included on the web site.

Jennifer Sutton – Racquets Sports

Jennifer Sutton announced that we will be starting Pickleball sessions on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 10am-Noon, with rainout days on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, (10am-Noon).

We are beginning on Tuesday, July 4th. We encourage everyone to come out and give it a try and it’s a great way to meet your neighbours.

For those that are playing, we need help taping the lines and putting up the Pickleball nets. Please come at 9:30am to help us out.

Tim Payne has agreed to teach us the game and strategies again this year. He is very helpful and works with everyone from beginners to advanced players.

We have chosen a lighter blue colour and will be painting Pickleball lines on the south tennis court soon. This will provide two Pickleball courts on the one tennis court.

The code to the tennis courts is 1771.

The numbers have to align at the top of the lock, (not the middle).


Steve Sutton – Golf

The 2018 EPMCA golf tournament will tale place on Saturday July 21, 2018 at Hawkridge. We are currently expecting approximately 24 golfers. Last year we had 28.  If you would like to participate, please contact me or Dean Blain to register. 

Mia Parent – Website

A quick snapshot of traffic to our EMPCA website site:

Over the last 30 days we’ve averaged about 10 page views a day.

We’ve had a total of 290 page views in 30 days.

We have had 73 visits to the site in the last 30 days

The top sections are as follows:

  • Homepage; 31.19% of the page views
  • Contacts; 17.29% but that may be skewed somewhat as Kathy Salmond was working on the list of contacts
  • History; 13.9%
  • Blog; 7.12%
  • 2018 events calendar; 7.12%
  • 2017 Meeting minutes; 6.10%
  • Gallery; 5.08%

We will be passing a survey around to solicit input from the membership to ensure our website addresses the needs or concerns of the members.