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Tennis Facility Rules & Regulations

1. The tennis facility is for the exclusive use and enjoyment of EMPCA members in good standing and their direct family members (“Members”). Guests are also permitted to use the courts provided they are playing with or are accompanied by a Member.

2. Members and guests must comply with and are bound by these Rules and Regulations. Members shall ensure that each of their guests confirm their agreement with these Rules and Regulations before using the tennis facility.

3. The code to unlock the tennis facility must not be given out by a Member to any other person, including any guest.

4. When leaving, if the tennis courts are not continuing to be used by other Members, the gate must be locked and the combination dials must be rotated in a random manner so that the code is no longer displayed. The last user is responsible to ensure the gate is locked.

5. Tennis facility hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

6. The tennis facility may only be for tennis and pickleball. No other activities are permitted without specific authorization of the EMPCA Executive.

7. If other Members are waiting to use the courts, the maximum permitted duration for court use is one hour, determined from the time that current play started.

8. Proper tennis shoes and shirts must be worn at all times while playing.

9. Unsportsmanlike behaviour is not permitted.

10. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the tennis court property.

11. No glass containers are permitted inside the tennis facility or on the tennis court property.

12. No smoking is permitted inside the tennis facility.

13. No pets are permitted inside the tennis facility.

14. The tennis facility is to be kept clean and tidy and no refuse or containers may be left behind. Please take all refuse with you and dispose of it at your home. (There is no waste pick up at the tennis property.)

15. Members are responsible for any damage to the tennis facility that is caused by the Member or any of their guests.

16. Use of the tennis facility by any person is entirely at their own risk and each individual entering

the tennis facility assumes full responsibility for all injuries and damages which may occur or be sustained in or about the tennis facility.

17. Entering the tennis facility shall constitute agreement by each person entering that EMPCA

and its directors, officers, members, volunteers and agents shall not be liable or responsible for any losses, damages or personal injury or property loss sustained or incurred in connection with or related to the occupation or use of the tennis facility and that EMPCA and its directors, officers, members, volunteers and agents shall be fully and forever released, discharged and held harmless by such person from and against any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action in connection therewith.

18. Any misconduct or violation of these or any other rules established by the EMPCA Executive may result in suspension or ban from the use of the tennis facility.

August 30, 2018

Tennis & Pickleball Court Rules
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